Why Travel?

Last week I attended and spoke at the Book More Travel Workshop in Charlotte, NC. The purpose is to educate travel entrepreneurs on best practices to move your business forward. I always come away inspired and ready to take action. This time I realized that this past week was really a microcosm for all the benefits travel offers you, whether you travel for business or pleasure.

Travel Unites – I spent 3 days with colleagues from all over the US and Canada and a few who came from Israel, Norway and Japan. We shared common experience just like when you travel and meet other travelers along your way.

Travel Reconnects – I got to be with members of my mentoring group and we could share and laugh about past good times together. I stayed with my cousins (yes, it seems like I have cousins everywhere). You reconnect with loved ones, on a very different and deep level, when you travel together.

Joy – There was so much joy in all that we did together.  I felt so uplifted. You feel joyful when you see a 7th wonder of the world or experience a bucket list item you have dreamed about your whole life. Pinching yourself to be sure you are really there.

Education/Learning – Obvious for a workshop. And when you travel, you learn so much about the world: culture, history, nature, language, art, food, religions, the list goes on.

New Friendships – I made new friends with colleagues and suppliers. Traveling creates the space for new friendships with fellow travelers or people who live in other places.

Challenges – Travel always includes challenges, on all levels.  It is a way for you to rise to any occasion and often have great stories to tell when you arrive home.

Sharing – Sharing a travel experience creates bonds that last a life time. You create memories to be shared in the future, that bring the past to life again, for you to savor and enjoy.

Travel is truly a life enhancing experience on so any levels. 

Share the love; travel more.

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