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Tonight is the first night of Chanukah and Christmas is only 13 days away. So, if you are like a deer in the headlights (sorry Rudolph), read on. These are a few on my favorite things (Is Julie Andrew’s voice in your head now?). BTW, it’s a long-standing tradition to buy a gift for yourself, when you are shopping for others.


Noise-canceling headphones to stay calm.

The Bose's QuietComfort 35 II high-tech wonder helps travelers stay calm and rest comfortably, putting an end to the sleepless flight.

Wireless charger to always be connected.

Taking and posting pictures uses up a lot of battery, but travelers never have to feel the panic of the one-percent battery alert, if they keep Mophie’s fast-charging station on hand to stay connected. They have options for car, home and office.

Parka rolls up and fits just about anywhere. 

Uniqlo’s ultra-lightweight down jackets provide warmth while also being lightweight enough to stuff into any travel bag. I combine a jacket and vest and you can be very toasty and layer when you need.(for men and women)

Travel-friendly neck pillow is a must. 

Some neck pillows can be bulky to carry around the airport. The Trtl Travel Pillow is smaller and has a hidden internal neck support system to hold a weary traveler's head and neck in the best position for sleeping on a plane or train. This is on my list to replace my bulky “dog bone” pillow.

Tangle-free cord holder. 

No one wants to struggle with untangling earphones cords, but it happens all the time. This travel cord roll allows travelers to easily pack and organize chargers and other electronics.

3-Outlet Surge Protector

When traveling with your family and multiple phones,  laptops, cameras and tablets with limited hotel room outlets, it’s a struggle over who gets to charge their devices. For peace on earth and good will towards man, this is one of the best travel gifts for families. Check out this Belkin charger on Amazon.

Jewelry Organizer

I have used a jewelry organizer very similar to this for years. The best thing a about it is you can see everything at a glance. Different size pockets let you take all sizes and shapes of your favorite baubles (never travel with the good stuff). Easy to check that you haven’t left any of your favorites back in the hotel room.

Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow

This just stays in my carry-on tote. It makes any plane seat comfortable, even in business class. It’s the best I’ve found. It’s designed to reduce pressure along the spine, while maintaining lateral support. It’s self-inflating to allow a personalized level of support and can be adjusted with one hand. I recommend buying the eggplant color and be sure to use it face up. Not many plane seats are that color and you are less likely to leave it after a long and exhausting flight.  Take it from personal experience. You can find it on Amazon.

My most favorite gift of all, The Gift of Travel

What could be a more exciting and memorable gift than a travel experience that one can anticipate and then remember for a lifetime? I can design the perfect gift for that person on your list. If you are a Millennial, married to a millennial, have Millennial kids or grand-kids, U by Uniworld is taking river cruising to a new generation.

And the Best Gift of All
Being together with your loved ones for the Holidays.

Have a lovely and meaningful Holiday Season!

Father's Day Travel Ideas

The last thing Dad wants for Father’s Day is another tie.  Give him an adventure he’ll remember for a lifetime.  He may even invite you along!

fathers day.jpg

Craft Brewery Tour : There’s more to beer than Bud. Have Dad experience the subtleties of craft beer all over the world. Let’s plan a craft beer tour for your father. He’ll toast to you forever.

Deep Sea Diving: Does your Dad need to unplug?  No better place than under the sea. No Wi-Fi there! Just incredible sights to see. Let’s plan a dive vacation he’ll always remember.

Sky Diving: Is your Dad a daredevil kind of guy? Let him experience the exhilaration of a parachute jump.  That’s a high he’ll never forget.

Golf Getaway: Is golf your Dad’s sport? Has he played St. Andrews? Has he hit balls on the highest altitude golf course in the world, La Paz, Bolivia? What’s on his golf course bucket list?  We can make one of those dreams happen for him.  You’ll score big.

Sailing: Does the open water call your father? Does he dream of taking off on a sail boat?  We can arrange a bareboat or captain supplied sailing trip anywhere he’s dreamed of sailing. You can be his first mate.

Fly Fishing: Is your Dad the quiet type who likes to be with his thoughts on a beautiful lake or river. Fishing is a way to relax and un-stress. Let’s plan a stress free, worry free retreat for him. He’ll come back rejuvenated.


Rock Climbing: Is the outdoors your Dad’s happy place? Is hiking a mountain to see the view, his idea of joy. We can send him to some of the most beautiful, natural places in his world. He may reach some new peaks.

Foodie Getaway: Is your dad the best barbecue guy around? Well let’s have him throw a few shrimps on the bar-be in Australia or grill like a gaucho in Argentina. Maybe some Caribbean hot sauce will spice up his recipes? This would be a very tasteful gift.

Foodie Getaway 

These are only a few of the many trips that you can gift your Dad this Father's Day.

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