What is the one thing you should never recycle?

If you are like me and prefer to have a paper boarding pass (that’s because I’m sure I’ll leave my phone someplace if I have to have it out while I’m juggling carry-on through security), then pay attention.  I have written about this before, but it’s important enough to talk about it again.

To get on your flight you need to have your boarding pass scanned, but once through the gate and at your seat, who cares? Right? WRONG!!  Hackers care.

Why? Because there is scary amount of personal information encrypted on your boarding pass. Someone can take a screen shot of the bar code on the ticket. That will provide them with so much personal information, it will make your head spin. You will be amazed. Don’t even think of tossing it in your hotel room.  Take it home and shred it. Share it, so others can learn about the risks and damage of being careless with one’s boarding pass!

On international flights, I keep my boarding passes with my passport,  this way they all arrive home safely with me.

Now settle in for your flight and get ready for your next adventure with your boarding pass stored safely away.

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