May I have the envelope please?

Which Oscar nominated movie is the winner for your next travel destination? 

Los Angeles: It's hip, it's ethnic, it's Hollywood, it's Disneyland. From the Santa Monica Pier to the movie studios, LA is a happening place. 

Outer Space: If you can't afford the $250,000 ticket aboard Virgin Galactic, you can still  have an out of this world, night sky, experience viewing the Northern Lights from December to March. 

India: Fascinating, magical, old world, high tech, lavish architecture, beautiful people; that's Incredible India. It's a place once you experience, you will never forget and always want to return. 

Florida: Where it's always summer and you can have an international experience without leaving the States! The sounds and tastes of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico fill the air. Do you like tennis, golf, diving, water sports? From busy South Florida; to polo ponies in Palm Beach; Orlando in the middle; to the gorgeous beaches on the west coast; Florida has something for everyone, every age.

New England: If you have never spent the fall in New England, you have never seen Mother Nature at her most beautiful. The dazzling fall colors, against the quaint New England towns, are a picture only nature can paint. 

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