What's the best use for your sunglasses on the plane?

Tired of holding your phone to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones? By sitting your sunglasses upside down, you'll create the perfect phone stand for the plane. Thanks to Huffington Post for this tip.


As the Holidays approach, how do you pack for yourself, the kids, gifts? How can you squeeze it all into one carry-on and/or one checked bag? Those baggage fees can add up quickly.

(As an aside, if you travel a lot, you must have a credit card from the airline you use most. Not only does it add to your Frequent Flyer account, with a huge amount of miles as a signing bonus, it also allows you one bag checked free, every time you fly. I feel the annual fee pays for itself in saved baggage fees, not to mention added Frequent Flyer miles for all your purchases. Request that the credit card has the EMV Smart Chip. You'll need that for purchases when traveling internationally. Be sure your ATM card has the chip too. Otherwise you might not be able to use a foreign ATM.)

Okay back to packing. We all have been told to pack our socks in our shoes, to roll instead of fold, yeah, yeah. Well my colleague, Theresa Jackson, shared this packing video that I thought had some great new ideas and was fun to watch. I love the plastic wrap. That’s my new trick for my trip to Israel over Christmas and New Year’s.

What’s your take away? If you have any clever tips you've discovered, please share. I’ll post them next time.

Great packing video

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