A Must Do Weekend

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while. Then on Saturday, my very dear friend mentioned her husband was off on a Siblings Weekend. He and his siblings agree to meet for a weekend, without spouses or kids; a destination, where there is no other family around. What a great idea.

This same dear friend and I and another friend went to Puerto Vallarta for a fabulous Girls Weekend in 2015. We had such a good time we vowed we would make it an annual affair. At this rate, it would be a triennial trip.

The concept of a weekend away, with long time close friends, who knew you when, is very appealing. But then reality strikes and the logistics of making it happen are daunting. Finding a time that everyone is available, a convenient and affordable destination, dealing with spouses, children, the furry “kids”, work and even parents, can make it feel too indulgent. It’s easy to let it slide or just give it up.

These weekend trips are not indulgent vacations. They are connections to those who played important roles in your life, some still do on a daily basis and some may live worlds away. Deep down inside, is that younger person, who those friends knew and can share treasured memories.

Despite your very different adult lives, careers, families and life’s struggles, there is still that younger person of 20 or even 50 years ago inside. How fabulous would that be to celebrate that inner you, with those confidants of yesterday year.

Wherever the roots of your earlier "gang" go back — college, high school, summer camp, former coworkers — find your pre-family buds. Don’t lose them, because they are your connection with a part of yourself you don't want to lose. Give them a call and start planning your next friends’ weekend. I'm going to.

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