When is hacking a good thing?

Four Travel Hacks To Improve Your Vacation Experience

Anytime you travel away from home there’s a good chance you will run into some kind of unexpected problem or complication. Somethings, you’ll just have to roll with the punches, but others, you can side step, with a bit of planning. Instead of letting the inconveniences ruin your travel, make use of the following travel hacks to keep your mind where it should be, on your destination and vacation experience!

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1. Stay Hydrated

If you’re tired of carrying a clunky water bottle around on your travels but often find yourself to be parched, then a collapsible water bottle may be right for you. While airports do not allow you to bring previously opened bottles through security, they often have bottle filling stations for guests who have already passed through screening. That’s where collapsible bottles, like Hydaway, come in handy. Simple flatten the bottle to store, and then expand it to fill with water. This way, you’ll stay hydrated while you wait to board and throughout your flight.

2. Keep Track of Luggage

Losing your luggage at the airport is one of the most frustrating experiences, and it’s actually one of the most common complaints of air travelers. Don’t rely on airport computer systems or your traditional baggage name tag to find your lost luggage. Leash It is one such tool that uses Bluetooth technology and GPS to track your bags. Simply place the small tracker inside your luggage, download the mobile app, and you’ll be better able to find your belongings should a problem arise. Some are expensive and aimed at Road Warriors. Others are free and good for occasional travelers. Here are more to check out.


3. Make the Most of Your Suitcase Space

Excess baggage fees can make a dent in your vacation budget, so it’s important to make use of every bit of space you have. When packing clothing, try rolling your garments instead of folding them to make room for items you wish to bring back home, such as souvenirs or gifts. Stuff socks into shoes. They do double duty by keeping your shoes from getting squished and not taking up any more space. I also take clothes and shoes, that I am ready to discard. After done wearing, I leave the items in my hotel room with a note saying,” Please give these to someone who can use them. They need to be washed.” Then I sign my name, with the room number and date I checked out. That way no one can be accused of taking something that didn’t belong to them. Now you have room for those new things you found along the way. It’s also smart to invest in a portable mini luggage scale, to ensure your bags do not go over the allowed weight for carry-on before you even get to the check-in counter.

4. If You Run Out of Clean Clothes

Accidents can happen anywhere, but clean-up often becomes more inconvenient when you travel. If you like to pack light but aren’t interested in doing laundry while you’re away, invest in a no-rinse washing agent like Soak’s eco-friendly wash packets. Perfect for a range of fabrics. Simply soak and squeeze your clothing, and then lay flat or hang to dry. This way, you can keep those lucky socks clean throughout your trip!

Use these four travel hacks for a more comfortable and organized trip, so you can spend your time focusing on getting the most out of your time away from home. Don’t let lost luggage, a dry throat, or dirty clothes ruin your adventure, take control of your travel with a few simple hacks. You’ll be glad you did!

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