Best Kept Airport Bookstore Secret

You are late to the airport, you rush out the door and by some miracle you get to the gate on time. You find a nice comfortable spot to relax till your boarding call. Now is the perfect time to finish that book you’ve been glued to or start the new one you’ve been dying to get into. You reach into your bag and, oh no, you realize your book/E-reader is resting comfortably on your nightstand at home. You see the airport bookstore in the distance.  Do you really want to buy that book all over again?


Well here’s the good news! If that bookstore is part of Paradies Lagardère family of stores (more commonly known as CNBC airport stores, selling candy, travel-size notions and reading material) you are in luck. These stores have a very clever program called Read and Return; which has become a hallmark of the Paradies brand and is offered at all Paradies Shops that sell books. Click here for all the airport locations

The program is simple: 

  • Buy a book
  • Read it
  • Return it within six months of purchase, with your receipt (save that receipt, keep it in the book).
  • Receive 50% off your next book purchase. The book must be returned in good condition.

The program is good on all books, hardcover or paperback. Books that are returned in good condition are then resold at half price. If the returned book is not in good condition, the book is donated to a local charity, as part of the company's commitment to encourage literacy in the communities where they operate. 

It's a win win. You get a deal on your next book. You know that someone else will get a deal on a used book. Or if it showed too much road wear, it goes to a good cause. Either way the books aren’t piling up and instead, are being circulated and read. I like to think of it as a green or sustainable reading program for travelers.

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