Did You Forget Something?

It’s June and we are mid-year. How did that happen so fast??? Have you been busy with work, family, friends? It’s amazing how taking care of others, can often leave us at the back of the line.

You know all the studies have proven that travel contributes to happiness, health, success at work and in relationship, creativity and a general all over well-being.


Did you forget to plan time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your loved ones? Well if that got overlooked, not to worry. There are some great travel deals out there; for the fall and even for this summer.

If you are not a procrastinator and want to get a jump on your 2020 vacation, you can snag some early booking specials for the spring 2020.

AMA Waterways has some great deals on their itineraries. If you can match the dates, you can save $250- -$1000/person. Some sailings are offering a choice of free economy air or 2 for 1 business class.

Is seeing the Christmas Markets been on your Bucket List? Those are on sale too. You can even get a discount traveling over Christmas and New Year’s. When does that happen?

If you can take advantage of a Mekong River Itinerary in 2019, you can get 2 for 1 land program savings, complimentary gratuities and cabin upgrade. You can’t afford to stay home at this price!

So why is a luxury river cruise line like AMA Waterways offering such deals? 2018 was a record drought year in Europe. The rivers were low and it affected many itineraries, especially on the Danube. Because of that, bookings are off. The water levels are back to normal now, but people are still concerned. If you ever wanted to experience a river cruise; this is your opportunity. The rivers are back to normal, but the crowds are thinner and the deals are richer.

Email me and I’ll send you a brochure with all the deals and dates.

Don’t wait too long. The ships are small, 150 passengers. At these prices, it won’t take long to fill those cabins.

Let’s get your booked and off on a wonderful adventure.

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