What Would Goldilocks Do?

Which is the best seat on a plane? You can check Seat Guru to find out a lot about the physical seat but which seat is just right? What Would Goldilocks Do? 

Since you can’t try every seat on the plane until you find the one that is just right. Here are a few tips to help you choose which seat might be just right for you. Each of us has a different preference, so there is no one right seat, just one seat that is right for you.

what would goldilocks do.jpeg

If sleep is what you want, then window seats are for you.

The best window seats for sleeping are on the left side in the middle section. Those seats are often off-center, providing more space to lay your head. The middle of an aircraft is farthest from the bathroom lines or noisy galleys; a bit quieter.

Quiet or warmth are what you want, then choose an aisle seat.

Window seats are cold. You can feel a significant difference in temperature through the side of the plane. Window seats are also louder.

Need room to spread out to work?

Hoping for the open middle seat? The further back you sit, the more likely to have an open seat. However, now a day, planes are flying at near capacity. It’s a risk, you might not get that open middle seat and have to deal with the bathroom line and galley, to boot.

Next time you book your flight on line and you are about to choose your seat, think of what Goldilocks would do. Then pick the one that’s just right.

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