How to Survive Holiday Travel

We are just about to enter the busy Holiday Travel Season. I’m leaving to go to New England for Thanksgiving, this Thursday. (I know, can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!!)


When it comes to Holiday Travel, we often take less than desirable flights, because they work for our family and friends, on the other end or we are squeezing in, as much as we can, on limited vacation time. Which translates to either a red eye flight or the most over booked flight you can image, with lots of inexperienced fliers (young children). So, to help you survive your upcoming travels, here are some do’s and don’ts:

Both Expedia and British Airways have come up with their own surveys and suggestions.

First is airline etiquette.  If we all practice it, it will make those jam-packed flights, a bit more tolerable. Expedia has come up with a list of the 14 top offenders; from the #1 most annoying - The Rear Seat Kicker to the Mad Bladder. With Chatty Cathy falling some place midway. Aromatic passengers, whether it’s cologne or BO, rank in the top 20%. Some Asian airlines are experimenting with kid free zones. It hasn’t caught on in the US, just yet, even though over 33% of Americans said they would pay for that. Check out the list to make sure you aren’t being one of those offending types.

British Airways’ guide deals with "The Etiquette of Sleeping Next to Strangers" on a plane. This is really useful for those red eye flights. It’s interesting to see the cultural differences between Americans and Brits. If it’s not your Honey sleeping next to you, then pay attention, be a considerate traveler. 

See what BA has to say about whose arm rest it is.

And if you are taking a red eye, like I am on Thursday night, here are some tips from Terry Cralle, DC based clinical sleep educator and RN.

Sweet Dreams, Be Considerate and Have a Delicious Thanksgiving!


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