Father's Day Travel Ideas

The last thing Dad wants for Father’s Day is another tie.  Give him an adventure he’ll remember for a lifetime.  He may even invite you along!

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Craft Brewery Tour : There’s more to beer than Bud. Have Dad experience the subtleties of craft beer all over the world. Let’s plan a craft beer tour for your father. He’ll toast to you forever.

Deep Sea Diving: Does your Dad need to unplug?  No better place than under the sea. No Wi-Fi there! Just incredible sights to see. Let’s plan a dive vacation he’ll always remember.

Sky Diving: Is your Dad a daredevil kind of guy? Let him experience the exhilaration of a parachute jump.  That’s a high he’ll never forget.

Golf Getaway: Is golf your Dad’s sport? Has he played St. Andrews? Has he hit balls on the highest altitude golf course in the world, La Paz, Bolivia? What’s on his golf course bucket list?  We can make one of those dreams happen for him.  You’ll score big.

Sailing: Does the open water call your father? Does he dream of taking off on a sail boat?  We can arrange a bareboat or captain supplied sailing trip anywhere he’s dreamed of sailing. You can be his first mate.

Fly Fishing: Is your Dad the quiet type who likes to be with his thoughts on a beautiful lake or river. Fishing is a way to relax and un-stress. Let’s plan a stress free, worry free retreat for him. He’ll come back rejuvenated.


Rock Climbing: Is the outdoors your Dad’s happy place? Is hiking a mountain to see the view, his idea of joy. We can send him to some of the most beautiful, natural places in his world. He may reach some new peaks.

Foodie Getaway: Is your dad the best barbecue guy around? Well let’s have him throw a few shrimps on the bar-be in Australia or grill like a gaucho in Argentina. Maybe some Caribbean hot sauce will spice up his recipes? This would be a very tasteful gift.

Foodie Getaway 

These are only a few of the many trips that you can gift your Dad this Father's Day.

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